maandag 1 februari 2016

                                                        Expo Anton van Hertbruggen

Momenteel stel ik tentoon in Cultuurcentrum Mechelen.
De expo is te bezoeken van dinsdag tot zondag, 13u - 16u30

zaterdag 19 december 2015

New (not used) work for the New Yorkers first online novella.

donderdag 20 augustus 2015

Society of Illustrators silver medal

Good news!

The Society of Illustrators, once a year hands out one gold and two silver medals in the Original Art competition. This year, The Dog that Nino didn't had was awarded with a silver medal.
Next to the medals, there is also an annual exhibition, displaid at the Museum of American Illustration in New York. It runs from october 28 till december 23.

RED, the book by my colleague Jan De Kinder is also selected to take part in this show.

woensdag 5 augustus 2015

I got my first Kirkus review!  
The English version of The Dog that Nino didn't have has got his first review.

woensdag 18 maart 2015

The English (Eerdman books, Grans Rapids, Michigan) translation of 'Het hondje dat Nino niet had' will be published on October 8th!

vrijdag 23 januari 2015

I'm excited and honored to announce that the French translation of our book 'Het Het hondje dat Nino niet had' has won the Prix Sorcières 2015 in the category Album! 
Many thanks to Marie Hooghe, who did the translation ands to our publisher Didier Jeunesse.

And there is even more news: 
I finally received the Chinese and German translation of Nino! 
Both versions look great. It's nice to see the contrast  between the Chinese characters and my illustrations.

The Chinese version is getting beaten by the German though...Annabel Lammers of Bohem Press did a remarkable job! Especially because of the type on the cover and the slightly bigger format. 

dinsdag 6 januari 2015

Belgian Psych band and friends Bed Rugs asked me to do the artwork for Specks. Their first video and single of the forthcoming album Cycle.
You should definitely check them out!!


The Diorama show currently running at Kornél is extended till mid january.
So grab your chance if you haven't seen the dioramas up close yet!

woensdag 8 oktober 2014

Diorama 1 & 2 are on display at Kornèl together with some other work.
September 21th - December 14th.
Closed on saturday.

woensdag 1 oktober 2014

Peter & de Wolf

Peter & the Wolf
Klara asked me to do the artwork for their new release of the famous story of 
Peter & the Wolf. They are all oils on wood.


Gyclee print, 160x121cm



NOCTURAMA / Carl Akeley's bamboo camp.
Gyclee print, 160x121cm

The Silver palet I won for 'The dog Nino didn't have' turned into a Golden one last week in Amsterdam!

zaterdag 28 juni 2014

I Received a 'Zilveren Palet' for 'Het hondje dat Nino niet had' !
Never expected this book to get so much attention! It's crazy...

Read what the jury said about it below: (only in dutch)

Peter & the Wolf process. 

vrijdag 25 april 2014

Finally I have an actual website as well! So for a more clear overview of everything I have done so far (And of which I think it's mention worthy), head over to !

woensdag 26 maart 2014

Peter & the Wolf

First sketch and research for Peter & the Wolf, a project I will be doing together with radio-station Klara.