dinsdag 15 november 2011

Here's a print I made for an exhibition held by Rotopolpress in Germany.
The theme of the exhibition is 'Bad Villain'. The exhibition starts 25/11 and runs until 11/02.
Poster: http://www.rotopolpress.de/ausstellungen/super-villain

5 opmerkingen:

Maike zei

I really like this! It's such a great idea and fitting colors!:)

Pau Valls zei

Amazing your work, I love it. Your book Memoires of a Suburban Utopia it's published? I would like buy it!

finding your blog was a pleasure,


Anton Van Hertbruggen zei

Hi Pau,
I'm glad you like it! thanx.
Memoires of a Suburban Utopia isn't published yet, but it wil get published soon by Rotopolpress.

I'l keep you posted.


Victo Ngai zei

Hello from New York. I am in the same "SuperVillain" show, really like your work! :)

Anton Van Hertbruggen zei

Thanks Victo! Getting a compliment from somebody like you is a real honour! :)