zondag 4 maart 2012

Hi everyone!
My work, Memoires of a Suburban Utopia' is now published by the German publisher ROTOPOLPRESS.
"Memoires of a Suburban Utopia" is a concertina book wich folds out to a stunning 260cm Illustration that gives us an insight into the modern suburbs of nowadays. In these suburbs, where everybody is isolating their property with neatly cut hedges and bushes, garden gates and white picket fences, dozens of stories are about to happen every day. Everyone is living their own lives, we can merely catch a glimpse. Those lives can appear much more thrilling or mundane as they actually are.

FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO ORDER: check out the Rotopolpress website: http://www.rotopolpress.de/en/produkte/memoires-of-a-suburban-utopia

Price: €15

Have fun watching!

8 opmerkingen:

fleewortep zei

awsome! like your colors.

i'll try to buy it)

Júlia Sardà zei

I've fell in love with your work, congratulations, it's amazing.

David Rosel zei

Your work is awesome, I love it.
Congratulations, cheers!

Anton Van Hertbruggen zei

Thanks everybody! The fact you like it makes me happy:).

Emma zei


rina zei

oh, I must have that!

rina zei

oh, I must have that!

marta zei