zondag 3 februari 2013

Busy making a series based upon the fascinating dioramas you'll find in a museum of natural history, filled with stuffed animals and beautifuly painted scenery in the back. I love that 'romantic, perfect world behind glass'-kind of feeling they have.
It's gonna be all about India, Nocturnal jungles, ...

Below are a few pictures of the process.




2 opmerkingen:

G. zei

Watch Walton Ford 's work ..??...
Pancha tantra (taschen book)..

Really beautiful your work ...
I didn't read all in your blog , so could you give me the size of your original work for Memoires of a suburbian utopia ..???
Happy to discover you today ...keep the line ...bye .G.

Anton Van Hertbruggen zei

I didn't know Walton Ford before, but I looked up his work today. It looks wonderful! I like this colonial style-paintings and animals very much. Thanks for mentioning him! I'l look for his book.

As for the size of moasu: The original pencil drawing is 360 cm long, but the published version of the book measures 258 x 32,4 cm.