vrijdag 23 januari 2015

I'm excited and honored to announce that the French translation of our book 'Het Het hondje dat Nino niet had' has won the Prix Sorcières 2015 in the category Album! 
Many thanks to Marie Hooghe, who did the translation ands to our publisher Didier Jeunesse.

And there is even more news: 
I finally received the Chinese and German translation of Nino! 
Both versions look great. It's nice to see the contrast  between the Chinese characters and my illustrations.

The Chinese version is getting beaten by the German though...Annabel Lammers of Bohem Press did a remarkable job! Especially because of the type on the cover and the slightly bigger format. 

2 opmerkingen:

Arno Heertjes zei

Chique dinges allemaal, proficiat.
Blijven gas geven!

Anoniem zei

Dear Anton, congratulations on this wonderful book. I'm from Germany and got the French version when there wasn't a German edition yet. I just had to own it. ;) Glad to see there is one now. It indeed looks beautiful. Size looks similar to the one i got. Looking forward to your next projects. M.